DIY Train the Ergonomics Evaluator Workshopg

Learn how to apply ergonomics principles for a healthier, more productive worksite!

Worksite International, Inc. has delivered this training for over 20 years to help employers develop in-house expertise to manage minor workstation set up concerns and to assist in better facility management. Successful completion of the course and remote mentorship will assure basic competency in delivering in-house ergonomic evaluation services for healthy employees at your organization. Providing in-house expertise in ergonomic analysis will save approximately $500.00 per ergonomic evaluation performed.

This workshop is delivered in an intimate small group training environment. It's unique from others because we mentor our participants remotely and/or onsite to assure competency in performing ergonomic analysis assuring you a much more successful outcome over time. We provide you with a valid methodology, objective measuring technique and reliable decision making in identifying the most appropriate solutions.


  • Date: January 25, 2018
  • Time: 9am - 5pm
  • Location: Cal Ergonomics Showroom, 21730 Stevens Creek Blvd, Ste. 101, Cupertino, CA 95014
  • Lunch included
  • Registration deadline: January 19, 2017

About the Trainer

Alison Heller-OnoAlison Heller-Ono, MSPT, CDA, CIE, CPE, and CMC

Alison is President/CEO of Worksite International, Inc., and has been helping employers save millions in reducing absence and lost productivity since 1993. She is a veteran physical therapist, possesses 2 board certifications in Ergonomics (CPE and CIE) and is dually credentialed in Disability Management (CPDM, CDA). She is also a Certified Management Consultant through the IMC.


Certified Office Ergonomics EvaluatorAchieve a Certificate of Completion as an Office Ergonomics Evaluator using the Worksite International System of Ergonomics Analysis!

Requirements for Certification:

  • Complete the 7 hour workshop and pass the ergonomics quiz with a score of 75%
  • Within 30 days of the training, submit 2 ergonomic evaluations

Course Objectives

All training will meet the following objectives based on best practices in conducting office ergonomic analysis.

  1. Establish the framework for your ergonomics program for organizational effectiveness; understand how a proactive process can impact your organization; establish ground rules as an office ergonomics evaluator.
  2. Define ergonomics, MSDs, CTDs, RMIs and the primary and secondary risk factors that contribute to their development. Understand signs and symptoms employees commonly report and what they mean.
  3. Learn various measurements to objectively match the chair, workstation, keyboard surface and monitor to the worker.
  4. Understand the science of sitting and using an ergonomic chair; learn how to assess a chair’s functionality for best fit.
  5. Identify critical ergonomic office products and accessories that can be used to minimize risk factors and improve ergonomics in the work environment.
  6. Together, watch a demonstration of an office ergonomic evaluation performed by Ms. Heller-Ono using Worksite International Preventive Evaluation form and principles of office ergonomics to create solutions for success.
  7. Complete Ergonomics training quiz (open book) with a score of 75% or better.

Upon completion of the workshop requirements; participants will

  1. Demonstrate the ability to perform a 30-40-minute preventive office ergonomic evaluation for an employee (with no symptoms) and complete the report of findings and recommendations.
  2. Provide relevant education and training to an employee regarding how to set up their workstation correctly and use their equipment most effectively for best practices in workstation set-up.
  3. Identify, select and recommend the most appropriate ergonomic furniture and accessories appropriate to employee needs and within your budget.

Course materials: Each employee will receive a workbook at the training and any evaluation forms (emailed as fillable PDF following workshop) to use as needed. Additional resources will be provided at the workshop.


Train the Evaluator - $1299 per person

Discount for 2 or more! Only $999 per person.

  • Live lecture and participatory lab
  • Pass quiz with score of 75% demonstrating grasp of principles and knowledge gained
  • Complete two Office Evaluations and 2 reports on your own within 30 days of workshop
  • 30 days remote support to provide mentorship and review Office Evaluation reports
  • Certification as an Office Ergonomics Evaluator using the WI System of Ergonomic Analysis

Optional Add-On: Live Onsite Mentorship Support - $1500

For Bay Area participants only.

  • 2 onsite ergonomic evaluations with Ms. Heller-Ono within 60 days of course completion
  • Assist with completing reports required for Office Ergonomics Evaluator Certification
  • 60 days remote support

Our Guarantee

We guarantee complete satisfaction of our training and commitment to your training competence. If you are dissatisfied, we will promptly address your concerns at no additional cost.



This private label workshop is provided to assure competency in conducting ergonomic evaluations within your organization only. There is no state or national licensing criteria required to perform ergonomics analysis in the workplace. However, there is national board certification to become a certified professional (CPE)or industrial ergonomist (CIE). Completion of this course does not mean the certificate holder is qualified to perform evaluations outside of the organization nor can they call themselves a certified “ergonomist”. Our certification is designed to help you evaluate healthy employees and set up safe work areas. For more information on national certification, ask us.